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The growth of freight transport role – implications to logistical framework

Author:Preparator univ. drd. Tatiana-Roxana Nae

JEL:L91, R41


Keywords:freight transport, logistical system, logistical system - transport relation, economic growth, statistical indicators of transports

Transports sustain directly the economic relationship between countries and evolve according to connection between supply and demand. They bring a continuous and direct effort to valorification of our planet resources, contributing to redistribution of incomes and to world economic and social progress. The paper proposes to place transport activity from logistic point of view, through presentation of the relation between logistical system and development of transports, and of a relation with economic impact at European level. They are taken into consideration both microeconomic and macroeconomic level. The role of freight transports is presented and analyzed in interdependence with logistic activities from logistic system and with other indicators. The analyze starts from analytical relation of logistic system-freight transport, in endorsement of the idea of dragging an urgent attention to transports field. The results are sustained by presenting some indicators with economic impact at Romanian and European Union level. A highlighted relation is also that between freight transport and gross domestic product. In the final part of the paper there are presented the main results of the analyze and suggestions for development of transports. The competitiveness of enterprises and the comparative advantages of regions depend on information transmission and processing, mobility of people and movement of freight. In consequence, transports can be regarded as carriers of new systems of industrial and spatial organization.
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