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Amfiteatru Economic Volume: 25, No. 63/2023

Journal no.63

ISSN:  1582 - 9146

Editor: A.S.E.

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Amfiteatru Economic
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Editorial Board - Amfiteatru Economic
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Micro and Macroeconomic Impact of the EU Energy Policy
Author: Dumitru Miron
Page 305 - 305
Page 306 - 325
Effect of Economic, Institutional and Cultural Factors on the Implementation of EU Energy Policies
Author: Vasile Dinu, Leonina Emilia Baciu, Maria Mortan and Vincenţiu Andrei Vereș
Abstract(238KB) Article(786KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2023/63/306
Page 326 - 344
Market Changes in the Energy and Green Energy Sector During the COVID-19 Crisis: A Global Perspective
Author: Cristian Păun, Radu Mușetescu, Valentin Cojanu and Radu Șimandan
Abstract(199KB) Article(1016KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2023/63/326
Page 345 - 361
Renewables and Decarbonisation: Implications for Energy Policy in the European Union
Author: Dan Gabriel Dumitrescu, Alexandra Horobeț, Cristiana Doina Tudor and Lucian Belașcu
Abstract(266KB) Article(813KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2023/63/345
Page 362 - 379
The Analysis of the Impact of Energy and Environmental Policies of the European Union on the Economic Performance of Companies. Case Study in the Transport Sector
Author: Monica Aureliana Petcu, Eduard Mădălin Dinu, Irina Daniela Cişmaşu and Raluca Andreea Popescu-Predulescu
Abstract(189KB) Article(634KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2023/63/362
Page 380 - 396
Drivers for Renewable Energy Consumption in European Union Countries. A Panel Data Insight
Author: Iulia Lupu, Gheorghe Hurduzeu, Radu Lupu, Maria-Floriana Popescu and Camelia Gavrilescu
Abstract(193KB) Article(680KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2023/63/380
Page 397 - 412
The Strategic Repositioning of the European Union Consumers in the Context of the Energy Paradigm Change. From the Traditional Supplier-User Relationship to the Emergence of the Prosumers
Author: Dumitru Miron, Vlad Epurescu and Elisabeta Andreea Budacia
Abstract(110KB) Article(1001KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2023/63/397
Page 413 - 428
Energy Poverty: Macroeconomic Insight on Romania, Bulgaria and the Vișegrad Group within the European Context
Author: Rozalia Kicsi, Aurel Burciu, Ionel Bostan, Raluca Zoltan and Simona Buta
Abstract(222KB) Article(637KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2023/63/413
Page 429 - 446
Energy Transition and Sustainable Development at the Level of the European Union
Author: Daniela Vîrjan, Claudia Rodica Popescu, Iuliana Pop and Delia Popescu
Abstract(155KB) Article(713KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2023/63/429
Page 447 - 462
The Mix of Resources, Security and Sustainability of the Energy Complex in Romania in the European Context
Author: Carmen-Valentina Rădulescu, Ioan I. Gâf-Deac, Florina Bran, Cătălin-Octavian Mănescu, Dumitru Alexandru Bodislav and Sorin Burlacu
Abstract(260KB) Article(685KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2023/63/447
Page 463 - 478
Hybridising Neurofuzzy Model the Seasonal Autoregressive Models for Electricity Price Forecasting on Germany’s Spot Market
Author: Dorel Mihai Paraschiv, Narciz Bălășoiu, Souhir Ben-Amor and Raul Cristian Bag
Abstract(195KB) Article(791KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2023/63/463
Page 479 - 502
Implementation of Energy Efficiency Improvement Measures in Romania and the Role of Professional Accountants
Author: Daniela Artemisa Calu, Adriana Ana Maria Davidescu, Alina Mihaela Irimescu, Corina-Graziella Bâtcă Dumitru and Viorel Avram
Abstract(193KB) Article(783KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2023/63/479
Page 503 - 521
How Family Character Affect the Financing of Environmental Protection Strategies and Energy-Saving Measures
Author: Cristina López-Cózar-Navarro, Tiziana Priede-Bergamini and Sonia Benito-Hernández
Abstract(151KB) Article(649KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2023/63/503
Page 522 - 540
EU Decarbonisation: Do EU Electricity Costs Harm Export Competitiveness?
Author: Stanislav Zábojník, Dušan Steinhauser and Viktória Peštová
Abstract(190KB) Article(703KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2023/63/522
Page 541 - 556
Involvement’s Barriers of Micro and Small Firms into EU Energy Transition
Author: Tomasz Bernat, Aleksandra Gąsior, Renata Lisowska, Katarzyna Szymańska and Răzvan Zaharia
Abstract(192KB) Article(763KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2023/63/541
Page 557 - 557
Economic Interferences
Page 558 - 574
Evolution of Fiscal Decentralisation in OECD Countries: A Club Convergence Analysis
Author: Francisco J. Delgado and Maria J. Presno
Abstract(144KB) Article(720KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2023/63/558
Page 575 - 592
When Inflation Again Matters: Do Domestic and Global Output Gaps Determine Inflation in the EU?
Author: Jana Budová, Veronika Šuliková and Marianna Siničáková
Abstract(233KB) Article(774KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2023/63/575
Page 593 - 608
The Effect of Digital Transformation on Manufacturing Enterprise Performance
Author: Di Wang, Xuefeng Shao, Yang Song, Hualu Shao and Longqi Wang
Abstract(185KB) Article(802KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2023/63/593
Page 609 - 609
Amfiteatru Economic recommends
Page 610 - 624
Europe, where to?
Author: Valeriu Ioan-Franc, Napoleon Pop and Andrei Marius Diamescu
Abstract(176KB) Article(404KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2023/63/610
Page 625 - 642
Assessing the Inbound Tourism Efficiency of European Countries in China: 2006-2019
Author: Liudan Wu, Lili Hao, Lingzhi Wu, Ruize Gao and Ji Chen
Abstract(189KB) Article(591KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2023/63/625
Page 643 - 647
Book review. The Internal Audit in the Corporate Governance Context
Author: Viorel Avram
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2023/63/643
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