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Amfiteatru Economic Volume: 23, No. 58/2021

Journal no.58

ISSN:  1582 - 9146

Editor: A.S.E.

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Page 576 - 576
Amfiteatru Economic
Page 577 - 577
Editorial Board - Amfiteatru Economic
Page 578 - 578
Page 579 - 584
Teleworking: Socio-Economic Impact and Perspectives
Author: Dan-Cristian Dabija
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2021/58/579
Page 585 - 585
Teleworking: Economic and Social Impact and Perspectives
Page 586 - 600
A Muldimensional Approach of the Relationship Between Teleworking and Employees Well-Being – Romania During the Pandemic Generated by the Sars-Cov-2 Virus
Author: Dumitru Miron, Monica Aureliana Petcu, Maria Iulia David-Sobolevschi and Radu Cezar Cojocariu
Abstract(414KB) Article(683KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2021/58/586
Page 601 - 619
The Influence of Teleworking on Performance and Employees’ Counterproductive Behaviour
Author: Marcela-Sefora Nemțeanu, Dan-Cristian Dabija and Liana Stanca
Abstract(425KB) Article(834KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2021/58/601
Page 620 - 636
Teleworking During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Determining Factors of Perceived Work Productivity, Job Performance, and Satisfaction
Author: Loredana Mihalca, Tudor Irimiaș and Gabriela Brendea
Abstract(408KB) Article(573KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2021/58/620
Page 637 - 653
The Impact of Teleworking on the Romanians Employees’ Job Satisfaction. An Empirical Evidence Based on Multiple Correspondence Analysis (MCA) and Logistic Regression
Author: Adriana Ana Maria Davidescu, Simona-Andreea Apostu, Vasile Alecsandru Strat, Adrian Istrate Scrădeanu, Ion Daniel Zgură and Maria Gabriela Horga
Abstract(434KB) Article(867KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2021/58/637
Page 654 - 668
The Mediating Role of the Ability to Adapt to Teleworking to Increase the Organizational Performance
Author: Mihail Busu and Attila Gyorgy
Abstract(323KB) Article(600KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2021/58/654
Page 669 - 682
Determinants of Employees’ Option for Preserving Teleworking After the COVID-19 Pandemic
Author: Georgiana-Camelia Georgescu (Crețan), Rodica Gherghina, Ioana Duca, Mirela Anca Postole and Carmen Maria Constantinescu
Abstract(332KB) Article(562KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2021/58/669
Page 683 - 699
Adaptability to Teleworking in European Countries
Author: Aniela Bălăcescu, Aurelia Pătrașcu and Loredana Maria Păunescu
Abstract(402KB) Article(528KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2021/58/683
Page 700 - 717
Telework During the COVID-19 Pandemic – An Approach From the Perspective of Romanian Enterprises
Author: Mirela CătălinaTurkeș, Aurelia-Felicia Stăncioiu and Codruța Adina Băltescu
Abstract(380KB) Article(627KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2021/58/700
Page 718 - 735
Determinants of Work Engagement Among Teachers in the Context of Teleworking
Author: Ciprian Obrad and Cristina Circa
Abstract(428KB) Article(821KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2021/58/718
Page 736 - 751
Teachers’ and Professors’ Perception of Telework in Romania
Author: Maria-Alexandra Sârbu, Cosmin-Nicolae Mirea, Mihaela Mihai, Puiu Nistoreanu and Elham Dadfar
Abstract(365KB) Article(714KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2021/58/736
Page 752 - 769
The Impact of Workaholism and Work Engagement on Distant Learning and Work-Family Conflict During the COVID-19 Lockdown
Author: Yura Loscalzo
Abstract(309KB) Article(756KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2021/58/752
Page 770 - 786
The Impact of Hybrid Workplace Models on Intangible Assets: The Case of an Emerging Country
Author: Milenko Radonić, Valentina Vukmirović and Miloš Milosavljević
Abstract(305KB) Article(556KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2021/58/770
Page 787 - 804
The Economic and Social Impact of Teleworking in Romania: Present Practices and Post Pandemic Developments
Author: Syed Abdul Rehman Khan, Danish Iqbal Godil, Munaza Bibi, Zhang Yu and Syed Muhammad Ahsan Rizvi
Abstract(323KB) Article(498KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2021/58/787
Page 805 - 805
Economic Interferences
Page 806 - 823
The Effect of Education and R&D on Tourism Spending in OECD Countries: An Empirical Study
Author: Beata Gavurova, Jaroslav Belas, Katarina Zvarikova, Martin Rigelsky and Viera Ivankova
Abstract(396KB) Article(658KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2021/58/806
Page 824 - 842
Econometric Analysis of Integration of Selected New EU Member CEE Stock Markets With Global Stock Market and Eurozone: Impact of Global Financial Crisis
Author: Jan Sucháček, Jaroslav Koutský, Lorena Caridad Lopéz del Río and Petr Seďa
Abstract(417KB) Article(667KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2021/58/824
Page 843 - 862
Influences of Economic Policy Uncertainty on Corporate Social Responsibility Information Disclosure
Author: Jieqiong Wang, Xiao Zhang and Mingjie Dai
Abstract(209KB) Article(755KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2021/58/843
Page 863 - 863
Amfiteatru Economic recommends
Page 864 - 874
The Crisis After the Crisis – Resilience or Reset?
Author: Valeriu Ioan-Franc and Andrei-Marius Diamescu
Abstract(403KB) Article(389KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2021/58/864
Page 875 - 892
The Odyssey of Homework During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Author: Eugen Bruno Ștefan
Abstract(357KB) Article(654KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2021/58/875
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