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Amfiteatru Economic Volume: 20, No. Special 12/2018

Journal no.Special 12

ISSN:  1582 - 9146

Editor: A.S.E.

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Page 827 - 827
Amfiteatru Economic Journal
Page 828 - 828
Editorial Board
Page 829 - 829
Page 830 - 832
Contemporary Approaches and Challenges of Tourism Sustainability
Author: Delia Popescu
Page 833 - 853
Cee-16: A Cluster Analysis Based on Tourism Competitiveness and Correlations With Major Determinants
Author: Delia Popescu, Iulia Monica Oehler-Şincai, Daniel Bulin and Ion Alexandru Tănase
Abstract(301KB) Article(764KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2018/S12/833
Page 854 - 869
The Regional Development of the Romanian Rural Tourism Sector
Author: Adriana AnaMaria Davidescu, Vasile Alecsandru Strat, Raluca Mariana Grosu, Ion Daniel Zgură and Sorin Anagnoste
Abstract(324KB) Article(902KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2018/S12/854
Page 870 - 884
The Impact of Geopolitical Risks on Tourism
Author: Marius-Cristian Neacşu, Silviu Neguţ and Gheorghe Vlăsceanu
Abstract(288KB) Article(748KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2018/S12/870
Page 885 - 904
Analysis of Economic Growth in Tourism Under the Impact of Terrorism and of the Waves of Refugees
Author: Gina Ionela Butnaru, Marilena Mironiuc, Carmen Huian and Alina Petronela Haller
Abstract(293KB) Article(883KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2018/S12/885
Page 905 - 919
The Fairness of Pricing Tactics for Hotels: Perceptions of Romanian Customers
Author: Claudia-Elena Țuclea, Diana Maria Vrânceanu and Carmen-Eugenia Năstase
Abstract(408KB) Article(599KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2018/S12/905
Page 920 - 934
A Study On the Romanians’ Profile Among Leisure Activities
Author: Smaranda Cosma, Konstantina Zerva, Marius Bota and Cristina Fleșeriu
Abstract(379KB) Article(570KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2018/S12/920
Page 935 - 950
The Complex Relationship between International Tourism Demand and Economic Growth: An Analysis on Central and Eastern European Economies
Author: Alina Bădulescu, Daniel Bădulescu and Ramona Simuț
Abstract(310KB) Article(678KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2018/S12/935
Page 951 - 966
Involvement of Rural Tourism Operators in the Project “Sibiu European Gastronomic Region”
Author: Virgil Nicula and Roxana Elena Popșa
Abstract(312KB) Article(704KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2018/S12/951
Page 967 - 981
The Destination Experience Through Stopover Tourism – Bucharest Case Study
Author: Gabriela Țigu, Antonio Garcia Sanchez, Cristina Stoenescu, Camelia Gheorghe and Gabriel Cristian Sabou
Abstract(310KB) Article(609KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2018/S12/967
Page 982 - 997
Determinants and Implications of the Tourism Multiplier Effect in EU Economies. Towards a Core-Periphery Pattern?
Author: Gabriela Carmen Pascariu and Bogdan-Constantin Ibănescu
Abstract(368KB) Article(724KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2018/S12/982
Page 998 - 1015
Sharing Economy: Challenges and Opportunities in Tourism
Author: Cristian Bogdan Onete, Doru Pleşea and Sonia Budz
Abstract(311KB) Article(660KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2018/S12/998
Page 1016 - 1028
Social Media Advertising Trends in Tourism
Author: Roxana Sârbu, Felician Alecu and Răzvan Dina
Abstract(307KB) Article(662KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2018/S12/1016
Page 1029 - 1039
Better Brand Management Through Design Thinking
Author: Rodica Pamfilie and Adina-Gabriela Croitoru
Abstract(199KB) Article(391KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2018/S12/1029
Page 1040 - 1054
Disparities in Tourism Demand of UNESCO Destinations
Author: Stanislava Pachrová, Eva Janoušková and Jitka Ryšková
Abstract(304KB) Article(788KB)
DOI: 10.24818/EA/2018/S12/1040
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