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Joseph M Juran - Personalitatea omului si opera sa

Author:Dr. Ştefan Răgălie




It is well-known the idea that the social welfare level of the nation, more precisely the daily quality life level of the country depend on the quality of goods and services realized and exported by its citizens. In this context, the concepts and principles introduced by Joseph M. Juran in the economic thinking and known as Juran Trilogy (this trilogy puts together the three major activities: the planning, control and improving of the quality) become important for the Romanian firms and offer a series of tools which could improve the added value of the goods with the intrinsic value of their quality. In some months, on 24th of December,we’ll live a very emotional moment. Our contemporary, the distinguished American man of science of Romanian origin, dr. Joseph M. Juran, will be 100 years old. That’s why we shall try a modest recall of the eminent scientist who, born in Braila and living his childhood in Gura Humorului, became a personality of reference in the field of the quality management. The synthetical presentation of the works of the great American man of science will allow both to the young students and to the specialists in the economy to know the deep changes in the quality of goods field proposed by Juran and developed later on through the scientific research and the practice all over the world. They permitted to impose some important goods and of quality on the American but also European market.
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