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The subprime crisis and the european banking sector: the renewal of universal banks?

Author:Elisabeth Paulet

JEL:E51, G21, G24


Keywords:crisis, universal banks, size, efficiency, globalization

Since the 90`s, European banks have sustained numerous structural disturbances. Their degree of integration combined with the universality of our institutions in the banking sector may then be an important factor to take into account in appreciating its resistance to systemic shocks. In this first part, the correlation between size and systemic risk will be discussed. The current financial deregulation has permitted the entry onto the market of institutions, which are traditionally non-banking institutions (insurance companies, institutional investors, pension funds). It would be interesting to measure the influence of these newcomers on the evolution of banking integration. This is the object of part two of this analysis. The last stage will consist in an attempt to evaluate the systemic risk in the framework of the new financial environment. The subprime crisis and the unequal reaction of banking institutions will lead us to two questions: “Will this crisis lead to a renewal of the predominance for universal banks?” and “Will the new process of integration in banking sector guarantee stability at the international level?”
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