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Coordonate ale procesului de globalizare

Author:Conf. univ. dr. Rodica Milena Zaharia



Keywords:globalization, informational revolution, benefits of globalization, costs of globalization, ciber crime

Globalization is, perhaps, the most widely discussed phenomenon today. Globalization occasionally manifests itself dramatically in its effects on the lives of ordinary people. Globalization is not just a destructive force; it's also a powerful phenomenon in order to improve the material well-being of humankind. Even in such context, globalization is still not universally understood, and positions for or against are often taken on the basis of ideological leanings or good feelings. This article describes the main dimension of globalization and examines some of the implication for both developed and developing countries. Globalization can bring benefits but, in the same time, can have very unpleasant implications. To cut the prices, to enlarge the telecommunication, to have the possibility of being connected to the “real world” 24 hours are some of the positive consequences of globalization. The very close interdependences the globalization entails allow the propagation not only for the benefits but also for the risks. The possibility of “defence” against a crisis or an economic or political instability, occurred in some part of the world, is smaller and smaller. The first consequence of what globalization means at the level of interdependences is, perhaps, represented by the crisis in Asia, whose effects were felt worldwide.
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