Academia de Studii Economice Bucuresti

Amfiteatru Economic
Facultatea de Business si Turism

Produse şi servicii în noua economie

Author:Prof. univ. dr. Bogdan Onete



Keywords:e-economy •e-business •information technology •electronic transactions •goods of digital nature •consumer-to-government •software

Nowadays the information technology has a major influence on the society. There are specialists who keep speaking about the e-economy as about a phenomenon asserted itself by using these technologies; starting with the electronic transactions to the e-business including e-commerce and the restructure of the administration process based on the digit technologies. This new reality appears and develops itself through and in the new goods and services specific for this type of commerce, the new way of making transactions as well as a new motor for the development of a modern economy. The development of a new competitive environment with less commercial obstacles, of a global market impose the necessity of having new ways of distribution for the goods and services. The information technology is already a main part of an economic system. By using knowledge, information and education it becomes an important factor of output for the top economies.
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