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Information system for the supply chain management

Author:Drd. Delia Adriana Marincas

JEL:M11, M15, C88


Keywords:supply chain management, logistics, information system, Web technology, e-commerce, collaboration, information visibility

Supply chain management SCM is the integration and management of supply chain organizations and activities through collaboration, effective business processes and high levels of information sharing. The supply chain concept has become a concern due to global competition and increasing customer demand for value. Thus, the information must be available in real time across the supply chain and this can not be achieved without an integrated software system for supply chain management. Supply chain members have to collaborate, sharing information for improving customers satisfaction. Web technologies enable enterprises to become more effective, to trade with suppliers and customers over the Internet in real time. For this, businesses have to integrate their information systems and applications with those of their suppliers and customers. First, companies have to redesign their supply chain to create an integrated value system and afterwards, companies can develop business to business applications across supply chain structure for the optimization of the supply chain . The implementation of the supply chain information systems in companies facilitates an increase in their competitiveness and their profits.
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