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Facultatea de Business si Turism

Services - competitiveness factor of tourism

Author:Prof. univ. dr. Rodica Minciu



Keywords:touristic services  competitiveness  touristic resouces  factor endowemwnts  comparative analyse  comparative and competitive advantage

Tourism developement reprezent one of the main priority of modern economies. This evolution depends on factor endowements. They correspond to general factor required for the whole economy and to specific factors to the tourism such as certain natural and cultural resources. Factor endowements can be divided into three categories: natural resouces, historic, artistic and cultural heritage, human resources in employment and skills, capital and infrastructure resources. Their economic analysis illustrate the importance of tourism industry in the economy and the position of each country in the international tourism market, the competitive and comparative advantage. Comparative analysis about Romania demonstrate that our country has the potential to be an important touristic destination if all opportunities offered by the varied natural and cultural heritage are understood and capitalised. In this process, touristic services plays an important role; their characteristics, their diversity, their price-quality ratio, influence the comparison and the choice of tourism supply offered by competing countries or destination.
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