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Quality in higher education

Author:Prof. univ. dr. Roxana Sîrbu, Lector univ. dr. Antonia Cristiana Scurtulescu, Lector univ. drd. Crina Raluca Bucur



Keywords:Quality in Higher Education; Quality Assurance; The World Declaration on Higher Education for the 21st Century

The European concern regarding quality assurance in higher education emerged in 1994-1995, when the European Commission initiated a project meant to experiment a common model of education assessment in member states. Currently, the European Commission has become the coordinator of a European network in the area of quality, the purpose of which is to develop a generally acceptable and viable common framework for all the academic institutions in the EU. Quality assurance in higher education can be defined as a range of policies, systems and processes meant to maintain and enhance educational quality, relying on analyses and comparisons between targeted and actual results, with a view to identifying the shortcomings. In Romania, the legal framework for ensuring quality in higher education is provided by Law no. 87/2006, by Ordinance no. 3928/21.04.2005 issued by the Ministry of Education and Research, and by the Methodology of Foreign Assessment of the Romanian Agency of Quality Assurance in Higher Education.
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