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Quality assurance in the training of the students in economics - a pragmatic approach

Author:Prof. univ. dr. Nicolae Dardac, Prof. univ. dr. Viorel Petrescu



Keywords:Quality assurance; Quality evaluation; Promoters of quality

Ever since 1990, economic higher education has recorded profound changes in contents structure. It was evolved from reflecting the specifics of the transition economy up to its present stage adapted to the functional market economy in the international context characterized by the technological revolution and by the effects of globalization. The reform of higher education in this country has adopted a structure based on the three stages od study while the designing and evaluation of the results of the training process are based on competence - this fact situating the - assurance of the quality of this process in the centre of attention of the academic community. The commitment to quality assurance is set in the Declaration of Bologna and it results from the ever higher requirements of domestic and international labor market, from the ever higher educational standards of the contemporary society. In this paper we present the authors' perceptions regarding some practical aspects of the economic higher education system quality assurance.
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