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Engagement in Green Procurement: Antecedents and Outcomes on Manufacturing Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises from Iran

Author:Ramin Bashir Khodaparasti, Hooshmand Bagheri Garabollagh and Reza Mohammadpour

JEL:M11, Q01


Keywords:product-based green procurement, green supply chain management, social performance, small and medium-sized enterprises.

Implementation of green procurement principles in the public and private sectors is an important issue in favour of sustainable development. This correlational survey aimed to identify and analyse the antecedents and outcomes of the adoption of product-based green procurement practices in manufacturing small- and medium-sized enterprises. Accordingly, the statistical population consisted of all manufacturing small- and medium-sized enterprises operating in West Azerbaijan Province, Iran, among which 120 samples was selected, using the complete enumeration sampling method. Managers of these manufacturing companies are more aware of the status of their respective company than anyone else; therefore, senior managers, middle managers, and supervisors were selected as the participants. The collected data was analysed using Smart-PLS software. Based on the findings, environmental concern, employee competency, motivation and rewards had significant positive effects on the adoption of product-based green procurement practices. However, there was no significant relationship between customer pressure and green procurement. The adoption of product-based green procurement practices also had a significant positive effect on corporate performance, market performance, social performance, and environmental performance. The findings and suggestions of the present study can provide marketers and managers with an insight to improve the performance of their respective manufacturing enterprise.
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