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Analysis of Congruency Effects of Corporate Responsibility Code Implementation on Corporate Sustainability in Bio-Economy

Author:Nicoleta Cristache, Marian Năstase, Radu Petrariu and Margareta Florescu

JEL:M14, Q56.


Keywords:corporate responsibility code, bio-economy, congruency effect, sustainability.

The present study attempts at providing an overview of the congruency effect of social reporting on corporate sustainability in bio-economy. The paper was structured to identify the main congruency forces that can constitute both the strategic and operational dimensions linked to the implementation of a corporate responsibility code within companies from the bio-economy sector. Research has shown that the congruency effect is stronger when companies report a greater tendency towards social reporting and pay more attention to the relationships with stakeholders. Moreover, the results of the study aimed to shed a new light on the role of a company’s social identity both in its internal process and in consolidating its position in the market by using CSR reporting elements.
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