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Evolutions in health services quality approach

Author:Asist. univ. dr. Lelia Chiru



Keywords:Quality; Health services; atient’s satisfaction; Cotinuous improve of quality; Quality models

Health services are representing a very important area at the services sector. Grouped under the generic denomination “health”, these services are implicated in the creation of material conditions for human life and in quality life growth. Taking into account the importance of health services in social life and its contribution to quality life growth, we are considering necessarily to enhance the interest in continuous improve of quality in activities deployed in health field. This imposes pregnant to ask at EU exigencies regarding quality level in health services. Quality in health services could be regarded such an “umbrella” for improving the human resources activity, so in consequence, for improving the organization’s performance, by the introduction of new methods and techniques to grow the patient’s satisfaction, to reduce costs and to increase the efficiency. Some studies have shown that the simplest way to evaluate the health services quality is to measure the patient’s satisfaction, taking into account the following elements: technical side of health services, interpersonal side of health services, the accessibility, the resources availability for health care, the health care continuity. Health services quality is approached in a different way by every category of actors involved in health field: government, patients, physicians, managers of health organization.
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