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The Contribution to the Integration of Management Systems Oriented to the Sustainable and TQM

Author:Věra Pelantová and Eva Šlaichová



Keywords:integration of management systems; sustainable; social responsibility; environment; safety; business performance; EFQM model.

Most organisations have established their management systems. Often these are concerning quality management systems, work safety and the environment. Organisations are now striving to integrate them, usually because of lowering of administration and improving their performance. They address the difficulties and ignorance of the theory of management systems. The development of these systems continues. Substantial surroundings are changing dynamically. Organisations must react to survive. The article presents a pilot study on new aspects of integration of management systems. It interconnects knowledge about quality, environment, work safety and information, corporate social responsibility and performance. Based on the results of the literature research, according to the analysis of the state of management systems in the selected organisations and according to the experience of authors, it sets out the basic features for an integrated management system aimed at sustainability and social responsibility. Using these characters, the current status of this area is detected in organisations. Then the article compares the current EFQM requirements with these characters. With the help of TQM basics, recommendations and a simplified sustainable EFQM model are presented. The methods used in the article are: common mathematical statistics, observation, controlled interview, data analysis and synthesis, brainstorming, the Triangular Table, the EFQM model and other quality tools. The article is based on the as sumption that the convergence of management system concepts will continue. The result is to set recommendations on management systems and lay the foundations for a sustainable management system for the organisation.
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