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An Empirical Study on the Migration Among Young Skilled and Creative People

Author:Marta-Christina Suciu and Cristina Andreea Florea

JEL:J11, J13, J15, J24, J61, O15, R23


Keywords:immigration, development, welfare, creative class, investments in education

In the context of a knowledge and innovative-based society and economy, smart and creative cities are attracting an increasing number of young people, most of them being gifted, very talented students and high-skilled workforce, with multiple competences . These young people are pro-active and they involve themselves on enhancing the progress of the community in which they are living. Many cities are facing a higher rate of brain drain, as a consequence of the quality of life and the low level of wages considering also a reduce level of acceptance and implementation of innovative solutions. In the last decades migration phenomenon had been amplified and there is an increased young people migration from emergent countries to the innovat ion driven countries, witch assure more financial stability and favourable conditions to contribute to both personal and professional development for its residents. Through an empiric research, we have identified the most important factors which contribute to the amplified migration among youths. We have also highlighted the motivational elements for returning to homeland, when the socio-economic situation is favourable. The paper includes also a set of recommendations that could create a proper framework to attract talented, skilled and creative youth, regardless their origin country.
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