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Impact of Migration upon a Receiving Country’s Economic Development

Author:Sorin Manole, Laura Pănoiu and Adriana Păunescu

JEL:J61, C33, C55, F22, R232, O15.


Keywords:migration, legal migration, receiving country, fixed effects panel data model

Economic growth regarded as a mechanism to ensure a long-term balance through the optimal use of available resources, through the development of innovative potential, the creation and development of instruments generating economic growth and also an adequate distribution of income is influenced by many factors, including migration. This paper aims at highlighting the effects of migration upon the economic development of EU Member State receiving countries, starting from economic and social facts indicating a migration phenomenon that is ever increasing. In this regard, it has been thought appropriate to perform an analysis on how the migration phenomenon is perceived and an empirical study on the economic impact o f migration on receiving countries of the European Union. Thus, a linear model has been used with panel data with specific fixed effects for cross section units, and the database has been made up of the values recorded for GDP per capita influence factors in the 28 EU Member States in the period 2008-2014. The results show that migration has positive effects upon economic development. We have chosen to use GDP per capita as a measure of economic growth starting from the EUROSTAT indicator system used to measure sustainable development, and also from the fact that the National Institute of Statistics in Romania uses GDP per capita as one of 18 indicators measuring the knowledge and economic and social development society.
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