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Quality from the viewpoint of tourism destination

Author:PhD. Liliana Elmazi



Keywords:Service quality, tourism destination, customer perceptions, expectations

Service quality initiatives are high priorities in many tourism destinations, with expenditure seen as longterm investment for future growth and profitability. My study’s goal is to explain the quality dimensions from the viewpoint of tourism destination. When we start to discuss about tourism quality supply, the main problem we have to consider is the structure of tourism supply as a complex of tangible and intangible elements. Analysis of the problem of quality, their measuring and monitoring as well as marketing strategies based on quality, need to be built on the specificity of tourism offer, regarding the level of goods and services. Because of this, the level of quality and customer satisfaction is very hard to measure and to control. The first major feature of development of quality programmes is, typically, to identify the key components or dimensions of quality from the point of view of the customers and employees research, i.e. their needs and expectations.
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