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Commodity science and ethics in food production and trade

Author:Prof. dr hab. Jacek Kozioł, Prof. dr hab. Anna Koziołowa



Keywords:Ethical codes, Food quality, Social Responsibility, Commodity science

The authors present their views on the ethics in economy with special attention to its importance in food production and trade. Basing on the concept of independent ethics promoted by T. Kotarbinski, the founder of “Praxiology”, they indicate the necessity of the good quality priority especially in case of food products. This is reflected in the appearance of codes of ethical conduct prepared by scientific bodies within universities or other bodies of related branches. Analyzing the ethical code accepted by the Polish Federation of Food and Beverage Producers, the authors indicate the fact that only five out of ten are dealing with food quality. Of the remaining requirements one deals with food products, the other four are concerned upon the requirements having direct and indirect impact on the image of the company. This indicates the new trend observed in global economy, which is connected with the awareness of the consumers that the corporate social responsibility always has to be considered.
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