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Towards Sustainability: Effective Operations Strategies, Quality Management and Operational Excellence in Banking

Author:Vesna Tornjanski, Sanja Marinković and Željka Jančić

JEL:C25, C44, C83, D02, G21, L15, O31.


Keywords:Economic sustainability, operations strategies, quality management, operational excellence, banking industry, TURF statistical analysis, ANP-BOCR model

This paper sets out to extend and deepen the understanding the ways toward economic sustainability through efficient and effective growth operations strategies, quality management and operational excellence in banking. In this study we define new quality management practices based on developed conceptual architecture of digital platform for operations function in banking. Additionally, we employ decision making framework consisted of two parts: introduction of new operations services using Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency (TURF) statistical analysis and segregation of core from actual and augmented operations services utilizing Analytic Network Process (ANP) method based on BOCR model. Proposed quality management practices were used for the first time in this paper for particular purposes and have the high potential to impact the excellence in banking business. The study can contribute to operations management, quality management, innovation management, IT management, business process management and decision making in service organizations.
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