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Women-entrepreneurs: a dynamic force of small business sector

Author:Ph.D. Dianne Welsh, Ph.D. Mariana Dragusin



Keywords:Entrepreneurship; Women entrepreneurs; Motivation; Women entrepreneurs’ profile

The field of Entrepreneurship is experiencing worldwide not only a renaissance but a revolution in which women tend to play an important role. Are women entrepreneurs good for the economic development? What is their contribution to a healthier economy? Is Entrepreneurship more suitable for males than females? How strong the gender stereotypes are and how can they affect business success? Is Entrepreneurship an attractive career path for women? What kind of motivation and personality is needed for women in order to succeed as business owners? What are the main field women entrepreneurs are represented? How successful are their businesses? Is there a gender gap in entrepreneurial ventures growth? How attractive are the women’s businesses to the venture capitalists? Are women business owners underrepresented in stories in the media, business school teaching materials and academic journals? How to increase the visibility of key role models? How to better educate, prepare and coach women entrepreneurs? These are the main questions this paper will answer in the light of U.S.A. vast experience in theory and practice, a country where women business owners are a driving force both in terms of numbers and gross revenues. The authors will also identify methods of applying this knowledge to the specificity of emerging entrepreneurial culture in Romania.
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