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Quality and Competitiveness: A Lean Six Sigma Approach

Author:Irina-Virginia Drăgulănescu and Delia Popescu

JEL:L87, O14


Keywords:Lean Six Sigma Model, waste reduction, DMAIC model, competitiveness, quality, Value Stream Mapping, Total Savings.

Originally developed to improve the quality and production efficiency, Lean Six Sigma is now widely adopted in other non-manufacturing sectors such as financial, trade, services, etc. The methodology known as Lean Six Sigma combines the Six Sigma techniques, ‒ which allow companies to reduce manufacturing defects ‒ and the Lean Manufacturing principles, ‒ which help companies benefit from faster processing for lower costs and with superior quality. As a result of the research, the authors observed that, despite growing popularity and impressive outcomes obtained by some companies, the Lean Six Sigma model does not always offer the expected results. However, the research has shown that the analysed company, operating in the field of courier services has managed to boost productivity and competitiveness by implementing measures that generated added value.
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