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Matrix Model for Choosing Green Marketing Sustainable Strategic Alternatives

Author:Cătălina Sitnikov, Laura Vasilescu, Radu Ogarcă and Sorin Tudor

JEL:L10, L19, M11, M14, M31


Keywords:matrix model, green marketing strategy, competitive advantage, sustainability, extended marketing mix

Green marketing examines the symbiotic role played by marketing in ensuring sustainable business, exploring issues concerning the environment and the way strategic decisions can influence it. At present, the environmental issues concern more and more the competitive approach any organization can implement. Based on this approach, organizations can gain competitive advantage by managing environmental variables and by developing and implementing green marketing strategies. Considering the importance and impact of green marketing, by using theoretical concepts and defining a set of research directions, the paper and the research conducted were focused on creating a matrix model for choosing the optimal green marketing strategy, oriented towards competitive advantage. The model is based on the correlation that can be established among the generic strategies of competitive advantage, the variables of extended marketing mix (7Ps) and the green marketing strategy matrix. There are also analyzed the implications that may be generated within a company by the adoption of a green marketing strategy and its role in promoting the environmental benefits of products.
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