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Revival of high street retailing – the added value of shopping apps

Author:Jelena Demko-Rihter and Igor ter Halle

JEL:O31, O32, O33


Keywords:innovations, online, retail, smartphone and tablet apps

Rapid and constant development of technology and social media drive every-day changes in the retail sector, modifying behaviour and power of consumers, whereby traditional brick and mortar stores are facing the risk to become obsolete. E-commerce and m-commerce offer to customer a more convenient, faster and easier way of shopping and the possibility to customize products and services to the individual needs of customers. There are different business models and tools for enhancing the on-line retail industry, which causes changes in the business of the whole retail sector, as well as in the micro and macro social and economic environment. One of consequences of increasing value of the on-line retail industry is a dropping number of customers shopping for products in brick and mortar stores in high streets and city centers. Brick and mortar retailers are exploring new ways to reach these lost shoppers. In this study an innovative application is researched that tries to bridge online and in-store shopping with an online platform (website) and a smart-phone app. The aim of this platform and app is to enhance the local shopping experience by making the physical city centre available for smart-phones and tablets.
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