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The Role of Openness and Entrepreneurial Curiosity in Company’s Growth

Author:Mitja Jeraj, Miha Marič, Ivan Todorović, Mladen Čudanov and Stefan Komazec

JEL:L26, M13, M14.


Keywords:entrepreneurship, openness, entrepreneurial curiosity, company growth, performance, organizational culture.

Entrepreneurial curiosity is an entrepreneurial-psychology related construct that measures a level of entrepreneurial curiosity among entrepreneurs. Key research objectives of the study were to empirically test how two independent constructs as openness and company`s growth are connected to entrepreneurial curiosity and to develop and empirically test a structural model linking these three constructs. A multi-country survey was made on a sample of entrepreneurs from Slovenia, USA and Serbia. Findings showed that openness is positively related to entrepreneurial curiosity and that entrepreneurial curiosity is positively related to company`s growth. Results of this study can be used both for further research and in practice.
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