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Crowdsourcing: An Alternative for the Dynamic Development of Entrepreneurship in the Romanian Tourism

Author:Dan Popescu and Cristina State



Keywords:crowdsourcing, entrepreneurship, change, sustainability, digital era

Developing entrepreneurship is not only a challenge but also a natural consequence of the approach towards success. Entrepreneurship sustainability is conditioned by how the national business environment influences the education and mentality of the population to have the desire and courage to initiate and develop performance measures in a changing business environment more and more fluctuating and unpredictable. Our research, conducted over nearly two years aims, as main objective, to outline how implementing crowdsourcing as a way of solving, online, some problems regarding activities of major interests at organizational level (in our case, external communication), may contribute to the development of entrepreneurship in Romanian tourism. In this regard, we assumed that, despite the empirical mode of action (of priority being intuition and personal experience), only having reliable information on the perception, primarily, of their customers about the quality of the benefits they received, entrepreneurs in the tourism and hospitality industry will be able to adapt and/or develop their businesses in accordance with the main trends and characteristics of the environment in which they operate. The methodology used (analysis of variance - ANOVA correlated with SPSS for Windows, version 15) to test research hypotheses was the logical consequence of the questions used in questionnaires launched on two websites specially created. In this context, we investigated the biunivocal relationship between the phenomenon of entrepreneurship and business tourism and hospitality industry from the perspective of external organizational communication trends of profile units in the digital age, trends expressed by both managers and also by their customers. Finally, based on hypotheses testing, we found that, in a world of rapidly changing, boosting entrepreneurship became dependent on both the accuracy of the image the managers of tourism units have about their own activity and also on their customer perception on the quality of services they receive. So, on the one hand, crowdsourcing has become a viable resultant for the development of entrepreneurship in tourism and hospitality industry as, on the other hand, entrepreneurs need to motivate the participation of their own customers at crowdsourcing.
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