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The Role of Critical Thinking Academic Entrepreneurship and Talent in the Economic Development

Author:Lector univ. dr. Nela Popescu



Keywords:Constructed advantage; • University; • Talent; • Critical thinking; • Economic growth.

In general sense, the mission of universities has not traditionally involved a consciousness of the need to be wealth creating in the direct sense. However, the rise of the knowledge economy has forced them to become aware of the importance they have for the establishment of future regional ‘constructed advantage’. They have become vital actors in the knowledge society and economy. It is important however to take a broader view that includes use of university capabilities in support of economic development, public and social policy, cultural engagement. Cultural activity and industries are important for economic activity, science is part of our culture, the social sciences have roles in all three domains, and all three areas interact strongly. Consolidate links to different stakeholders (stakeholders include students as key members of the academic community, government at all levels, enterprise and business, different social and cultural actors), universities must respond to their needs through teaching, research and dissemination of results and knowledge transfer activities which serve to promote economic growth and competitiveness through creating and exploiting new knowledge.
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