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Ways of Implicating More Actively for the Consumers Associations in Promoting and Defending Consumer Rights

Author:Conf. univ. dr. Vasile Dinu



Keywords:Consumers’ associations; • Consumer protection; • Active consumer policy.

It is well known that in the European Union the good functioning of the market is conditioned by the development of an active consumers’ policy which can be facilitated by the consumers’ associations that should have a permanent dialogue with the public authorities and the firms in order to identify the main problems in connection with whom there is a wide consensus. Also, the communitary strategy concerning the consumers’ policy between 2002- 2006 has established among its medium term objectives the one of implicating more actively for the consumers’ organizations in promoting the policy of protecting consumers’ rights and interests. Taking this into consideration, among the major objectives of the consumers’ protection policy and strategy in the Romanian society (accomplishing an effective protection of life, health and security, protecting the economic interests, information and education, facilitating the access in the justice and forming the specialists in the consumers’ protection field) there is also the objective concerning the supporting of the foundation and development of the consumers’ associations and consulting them in the process of decision taking. A real approach of the problems concerning the consumers’ associations is not possible without the involvement of the consumers’ protection, in a more active way, in promoting and protecting the consumers’ rights. Only in this way they can contribute substantially to the improvement of the Romanian economic climate and to the faster integration in the European Single Market.
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