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Geographical Information System for Town-planning Landmarks Touristic using and preserving

Author:Lecturer Ph.D. Blinkova O.; Lecturer Ph.D. Pavlenko A.



Keywords:Geographical Information System; Landmark; Town-planning; City.

The center of the city usually forms its image and uniqueness among the other cities of a country, and possibly among the cities of the whole world. Every city has its own landmarks; in Ukraine big part of them are of Soviet heritage. For example, in Kharkiv there is the Ordzhonykydzevskij region that was formed in the years 20-30s of ХХ century. The most interesting thing is that there are several central districts between the side-street called “Peace” and boulevard of Frunze. The districts started to be built in 1930 as a so-called socialistic small town-satellite “New Kharkiv”. This socialistic town should have been a place for workers of recently built Kharkiv tractor factory to live in. According to the project all the houses in the districts should have been connected by transitions, which were planned to be built from the reinforced concrete and glass at the level of the second floor (it was not realized because of lack of money). Apartments in the “socialistic paradise” should not have had the specially equipped kitchens: all the inhabitants of “New Kharkiv” (planned number of about 50 thousand people) were to be fully served by establishments of public food consumption - so called “factory-kitchens”.
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