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The consumer satisfaction - as a factor for the success of the touristic companies

Author:Ph.D. Ilieska Karolina



Keywords:Needs; Motives; Satisfaction; Consumer; Travel trade companies.

The consumers are subjects that purchase goods and services in order to satisfy their needs. The behavior of the consumers is a process in which they decide whether, what, when, where, and how to purchase goods and services. The marketing is therefore, primarily interested in the behavior of the subject as a consumer. In the modern circumstances, it’s normal to suppose that the marketing is permanently following the needs of the consumers as a basic supposition for the development of the suitable strategy leading to the customer’s satisfaction. But it should be taken into consideration that the needs are a social category changing all the time and are never satisfied. With the setting of a suitable strategy based on qualitative information, the marketers contribute to the development of a loyal consumer’s category that will lead to the realisation of a general strategy, to the survival and the development of a travel trade company.
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