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Accomodation capacities and their importance in the sustainable development

Author:M. SC., Assistant Ćurčić Nevena



Keywords:Banat; Accommodation capacities; Structural participation.

Accommodation capacities are the basic element of the tourist economy material base, so their right arrangement and quality are of great importance for the successful tourism development in one area. At the beginning of 2001 the region of Banat had 28 hotels, the total accommodation of which was 1025 rooms and 2374 beds arranged within basic and complementary accommodation capacities. The average size of these capacities in Banat is 36,6 rooms and 84,8 beds per objective, which shows that these objectives are prevailingly small. The average capacity of the basic accommodation unit – a room is 2,3 beds. Fragmentary and prevailingly outdated net of the accommodation tourist objectives mainly located in towns, sparsely within the tourist locations indicates that there is a lack of courage in the process of tourism separation from the towns. The process is being developed in order to displace already mentioned tourist objectives to the tourist locations within the modern tourist settlements and comfortable boarding houses that are sold well only on the tourist market.
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