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Assessment of Marketing Policies Impact on Sustainable Development of Urban Communities

Author:Prof. univ. dr. Stănciulescu Gabriela Cecilia



Keywords:Marketing; Urban space; Sustainable development; Local authorities; Urban communities.

In the context of increasing complexity of the present economy, urban functionality can be assured only by a well - directed marketing process which includes several action phases, by formulating of goals and strategies related to establishing relationships between the economic, social and institutional fields, the markets level and the supply and demand balance. The urban marketing policy comprises the public and private sectors, aiming that all their activities ensure preservation, stimulation and integration on all development levels by ensuring and adequate occupying of work force, attracting some business from different areas and also preserving and developing the existing ones, encouraging exports and investments, attracting tourists and visitors for business. This way, by well - conducted actions, the marketing policy can contribute to improve the cities image and to increase their competitivity in the context of increasing competition on regional and international level. The project aims at urban marketing, planning an analisys of development level of urban environment in Romania and also of the factors influencing this process, based on some indices elaborated to this end and on some research carried out on well - designed samples. The results of this research will be actually applied on the basis of some partnerships with local authorities, which will be offerred periodical consulting in order to implement the urban marketing plan for the promotion of a city, worked out on the basis of research conducted within the group.
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