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Circulation of the Capital in Romania, between the Free Globalization and Integration in the European Union

Author:Ec. dr. Raluca Florentina Creţu



Keywords:Capital; Globalization; Integration; Reform.

Romania crosses one of the most important periods of its modern history. On one hand it signed, provisionally, all the negotiation chapters with the European Union, chapters that must be strictly observed, and on the other hand Romania must keep its domestic market out of the negative effects appeared from the contact with the free European market. Besides these difficult tasks for our weak democracy, our country has another one: to find viable solutions for the national economy could successfully resist to another international process, much deeper, globalization. Romania is during a complex process of reforming economically, socially, institutionally, after the communist system was changed and it has been trying to pass to the market economy. Both for our country and for all the other developing countries, there must be efforts made together with the international community to realize a complex connection between economic adjustment and economic development, between the costs and the advantages of the globalization.
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