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Is the Romanian Retailing Commerce Prepared for the European Integration?

Author:Lector univ. drd. Cristinel Vasiliu



Keywords:Environment; Design; Non loyal competition; Arrangement system; Display.

Romanian retailing is in a period of changes, not always positive, which had modified its characteristics. Among positive changes it could be mentioned: the appearance and the extending of private property, the presence of some great foreign firms, the improving of commercial technologies, the development of some modern methods of sale, etc. Among negative changes it could be mentioned: the lack of an appropriate legislation and the lack of application for the existing norms, the critical training of entrepreneurs and of employees, the chaotic development of this commercial sector, etc. The entrance in our country of some big commercial groups proves the attractiveness of Romanian market. In addition, these have represented models for the Romanian entrepreneurs. Although many negative aspects in retailing sector still exist, there is the hope for growing of its competitiveness, which will have as an effect its preparing for the integration in the European Union.
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