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The Perception of the Academics and Students Regarding the Entrepreneurial Education Iin Economic Education

Author:Bogdan Gabriel Nistoreanu and Georgică Gheorghe

JEL:I20, I23, I25, C00


Keywords:academic entrepreneurial education, students, professors, Bucharest University of Economic Studies

The XXI century has brought radical transformations in the ways of organising the society as a whole and particularly of the academic world. It is known that the higher learning institutions have constantly positioned themselves among the sustainable institutions of the civilisation, fact due in large amount to their flexibility, but also to their power of anticipation, transformation, and innovation. The role of education in society, but especially of entrepreneurial education is in a constant state of change, and must be correlated with social requirements that keep evolving. The knowledge based economy focuses on continuous development of human education and their entrepreneurial capabilities. The modern economy needs specialists with entrepreneurial attitudes, and universities must assume an important role of providers of potential entrepreneurs. This requirement is also valid for the university community from the Bucharest University of Economic Studies; the purpose of this work was to find the perception of teachers and students in regards to using the professional competences through business education.
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