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Nano Food Packages: from Food Preservation Efficiency to Consumer Legal Protection

Author:Rodica Apan, Anca Mihaly Cozmuta, Anca Peter, Camelia Nicula, Leonard Mihaly Cozmuta

JEL:I15, I18, D18, Q18


Keywords:food nano-packaging, bread packaging, consumers1 rights

The paper explores some aspects related to the application of nanomaterials in food packaging. Therefore, the paper is structured into two sections. In the first section, aspects that could restrict/restrain the application of nanomaterials in food packaging industry in terms of environmental and human risks, the consumer`s rights to be informed regarding the utilization of nano-packages and regulation issues in the field of large scale application of food nano-packages are discussed. In the second section, the efficiency of a nano-package based on Ag/TiO2 to preserve for a longer time (6 days) the physical attributes of wheat bread (moisture, specific volume, porosity) by comparison with shorter ranges allowed by the common polyethylene bag (3 days) and non-packaging respectively (1 day) is demonstrated.
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