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The Responsibility of Organisations towards Customers. Case Study – Romanian Travel Agencies

Author:Olimpia State, Claudia Gabriela Baicu and Delia Popescu

JEL:D18, M10, O10


Keywords:responsibility, travel agency, customer protection, sustainable consumption

Organizations` responsibilities towards consumers and consumer rights gained increasing attention during recent decades, alongside with intensifying competition on the market of goods and services, increasing their complexity and diversity, evolving of technology and transport means, growing population, etc. Within this context, increasing consumer protection, promoting sustainable consumption, rapid and efficient resolution of complaints, education and consumer awareness represent imperatives of a modern organization, aware that its existence on market depends on meeting customer requirements in the best way. Particular area where competition is increasingly fierce, and the number of consumers is continuously growing is the tourism sector. Moreover, recent changes in the Internet development have raised new issues regarding tourist protection. Based on these considerations, in this article we have analysed and assessed the responsibility of travel agencies in Romania towards customers. The research has been achieved from two perspectives: both from the point of view of tourism employees and tourists. The survey results have brought to the attention of travel agencies certain directions that should be considered in their relationship with the tourists in order to increase tourists’ protection and promoting sustainable consumption.
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