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The Responsibility of Telemedicine Focused Organizations in regards to creating Compliant end Users Products and Services

Author:Adrian Dumitru Tanţău, Cristian Vizitiu and Vlad Văleanu

JEL:M11, M15, O31, O32


Keywords:end users/customers, telemedicine, Systems Engineering (SE), Portable Telemedicine Workstation (PTW), organizations` responsibility.

The main purpose of the present study is to provide a highly comprehensive methodological solution for carrying out products/services which fully comply with customers (i.e. end users) functional and performance requirements in Telemedicine field, and furthermore to satisfy multitude end users simultaneously. By bringing into the light Systems Engineering (SE) as a multidisciplinary theory used preponderantly in the aero-space segment for realization of complex projects, the paper illustrates the way it can be fulfilled the Functional and Performance Requirements of the end users from Romanian (non) emergency medicine services in order to develop an innovative telemedicine product. The case study is based on two sets of qualitative researches as interviews in order to validate the telemedicine triggering idea among users, and to classify them, and secondly, as ample observations in order to gain insights on the users` scenarios and further to elaborate user requirements. Both sets of researches undertaken from users` specific environments were backed up with secondary information gained through document analysis. Relevant for this telemedicine research, it is the fact that the results of this survey have been already successfully used as a baseline to prototype the telemedicine product for Romanian market, in a European Space Agency (ESA) Project.
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