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The Social Responsibility of Retailers through the Eyes of Students of a Commerce Faculty – a Qualitative Approach

Author:Gabriela Ţigu, Claudia-Elena Ţuclea, Diana-Maria Vrânceanu and Dragoş-Constantin Vasile

JEL:L81, M14, M31


Keywords:social responsibility, retail, consumers, fairness, fair trade, marketing mix

Retailers` social responsibility is treated in the literature in association with such topics as trade justice, ethics, or fairness. The concept can be defined according to various dimensions, involving characteristics such as quality products, price fairness, honesty, and ethical interactions with consumers. This paper aims to evaluate students' attitude towards retailers` social responsibility in implementing the strategic and tactical decisions about product, price, distribution and promotion. It is based on a qualitative research exploring the opinions of the students in business administration about this issue, both as consumers and prospective decision makers in the retail sector. The research was conducted in two focus groups, where the students played the roles of “consumers”, respectively “managers”. It was found out that there were differences in the responses of the two groups. The members of the “consumers” group were emotionally involved and they preferred a demand driven approach that focuses on finding solutions to their needs, while the members of the “managers” group have adopted a more detached attitude and they were concerned with the identification of gain as a consequence of social responsibility actions.
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