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A new approach to integral information system of a company for business and sustainable development

Author:Tatijana Minić, Bratislav Petrović and Oliver Ilić

JEL:M15, M41


Keywords:Integral information system, ERP, management, business process, business information systems, business, sustainable development

Since computers and computer information systems (IS) have appeared, the necessity for the existing data processing methodology modification according to possibilities of computer data processing has been forced. The very IS based on computer data processing have its evolution, starting from partial, integrated and up to enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Most often problems in this area are: (1) the problem of getting the adequate analyses for the management and implementation of business policy because the obtained information is too old or incomplete; (2) implementation of information systems lasts inappropriately long and demands huge costs; (3) there is no significant rationalization of administrative work and papers. Changing these methodologies, one comes to standardisation of the database model as well as to minimising the data input flows for the database loading and updating. In this way, the quality of information for of management has been improved and the business rationalized. Therefore, we developed an integral IS that can improve business of the company and the sustainable development of the economy as well.
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