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Relationships among social and environmental responsibility and business

Author:Catalina Soriana Sitnikov and Claudiu George Bocean



Keywords:Sustainability, environment, corporate social responsibility, ISO 14000, ISO 26000, GHG

Sustainability of an economy can be achieved through socially responsible behavior of companies in both the balanced development of labour and environmental protection as well as in responsible consumption of non-renewable resources. This paper aims to highlight the impact of the implementation of quality management systems on increasing responsibility for companies on sustainable management of human and natural resources. First, we perform a quantitative analysis to determine the effects of the adoption of ISO 14000 on the evolution of greenhouse gases. Secondly, we take a qualitative research on the impact of the adoption of ISO 26000 as a national standard. Based on three essential factors of production (labour, nature and capital) we propose a model of sustainable development based on the three pillars: social responsibility, environmental protection and business.
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