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Strategic Directions for the Bucharest Strategy and City Brand

Author:Ana-Claudia Ţapardel and Florin-Alexandru Alexe

JEL:H70, M31


Keywords:local public administration; strategy; strategic planning; strategic management; quality public services; branding strategy; city brand.

On the international stage, public administration has become an essential factor, capable of providing a nation with the competitive advantage. Improving standards in local administration in our country has included not only a vigorous and sustained process of reform, but also a drive to modernise and perfect management within the public sector. These aspects are essential, since decisions made by partners and investors are to an ever larger extent influenced by the quality, efficiency and credibility of public administration. Following these considerations, and based upon an empirical research conducted with the aid of a survey and a comparative analysis between the manner in which the branding and development strategies were developed in Vancouver and Bucharest, the present paper aims to identify the main strategic directions and branding elements necessary in elaborating a strategy and in accumulating a dossier of best practices, in order to implement successfully the strategic planning process and the branding strategy in the local communities of Romania.
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