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Amfiteatru Economic Volume: 16, No. 36/2014

Journal no.36

ISSN:  1582 - 9146

Editor: A.S.E.

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Amfiteatru Economic Journal
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Editorial Board
Page 447 - 448
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The Protection of the Consumers Rights in an Era of Technological Changes and Globalization
Author: Vasile Dinu
Page 451 - 451
The Protection of the Consumers Rights in an Era of Technological Changes and Globalization
Page 452 - 469
Consumer Right to Information before Purchase: Research on the Romanian Online Stores for Technical Consumer Goods
Author: Carmen Bălan
Abstract(257KB) Article(300KB)
Page 470 - 482
Researching the Gap between Foodstuff’s Attractiveness and Real Nutritional Profile – Prerequisite for Strengthening Nutrition Education and Consumer Rights Protection
Author: Bogdan Cristian Onete, Lelia Voinea, Alina Filip, Răzvan Dina
Abstract(324KB) Article(794KB)
Page 483 - 500
Nano Food Packages: from Food Preservation Efficiency to Consumer Legal Protection
Author: Rodica Apan, Anca Mihaly Cozmuta, Anca Peter, Camelia Nicula, Leonard Mihaly Cozmuta
Abstract(263KB) Article(324KB)
Page 501 - 516
Mobile Phone and Internet Consumers Rights Compliance in Romania
Author: Viorela Iacovoiu, Adrian Stancu and Crina Raluca Bucur
Abstract(339KB) Article(347KB)
Page 517 - 534
Comparative Analysis of the Consumer Protection, Considering the Globalisation and Technological Changes, within Member States of the European Union
Author: Iulian Viorel Braşoveanu, Laura Obreja Braşoveanu, Simona Maşcu
Abstract(284KB) Article(881KB)
Page 535 - 549
Education – Determinant of Consumer`s Conditions in an Era of Technological Change
Author: Cristina Burghelea and Mirela Ionela Aceleanu
Abstract(282KB) Article(2062KB)
Page 550 - 562
Analysis of the Romanian Insurance Market Based on Ensuring and Exercising Consumers` Right to Claim
Author: Dan Armeanu, Nicolae Istudor, Sgârdea Marian Florinel, Ana-Maria Burcă
Abstract(305KB) Article(310KB)
Page 563 - 577
Consumers` Attitude towards Consumer Protection in the Digital Single Market, as Reflected by European Barometers
Author: Pleşea Doru Alexandru, Maiorescu Irina, Cîrstea Alice
Abstract(300KB) Article(287KB)
Page 578 - 592
Tools for Consumer Rights Protection in the Prediction of Electronic Virtual Market and Technological Changes
Author: Mikuláš Gangur, Miroslav Plevný
Abstract(263KB) Article(301KB)
Page 593 - 593
Economic Interferences
Page 594 - 605
Lithuanian Consumer`s Willingness to Pay and Feed-in Prices for Renewable Electricity
Author: Dalia Streimikiene, Asta Mikalauskiene
Abstract(319KB) Article(270KB)
Page 606 - 624
Examining the Link between Innovation, Productivity and Growth: a Global View
Author: Marinko Škare, Daniel Tomić
Abstract(309KB) Article(355KB)
Page 625 - 640
Concentration and Competition in the Banking Sector of Turkey
Author: Iveta Řepková, Daniel Stavárek
Abstract(260KB) Article(325KB)
Page 641 - 654
The Concept of Carrying Capacity in Tourism
Author: Josef Zelenka, Jaroslav Kacetl
Abstract(252KB) Article(609KB)
Page 655 - 670
Promoting and Financing Cultural Tourism in Europe through European Capitals of Culture: A Case Study of Košice, European Capital of Culture 2013
Author: Miriam Šebová, Peter Džupka, Oto Hudec, Nataša Urbančíková
Abstract(274KB) Article(1201KB)
Page 671 - 671
Amfiteatru Economic recommends
Page 672 - 683
Board Characteristics Best Practices and Financial Performance. Evidence from the European Capital Market
Author: Victor-Octavian Müller, Ionel-Alin Ienciu, Carmen Giorgiana Bonaci, Crina Ioana Filip
Abstract(262KB) Article(255KB)
Page 684 - 0
Creator of Economic Opera, Founder and Reformer of Economic School – the Rector Paul Bran
Author: Ghenadie Ciobanu, Carmen Valentina Rădulescu, Ildiko Ioan
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