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Amfiteatru Economic Volume: 16, No. 35/2014

Journal no.35

ISSN:  1582 - 9146

Editor: A.S.E.

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Amfiteatru Economic Journal
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Editorial Board
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Organizations` responsibility to consumers
Author: Vasile Dinu
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Organizations` responsibility to consumers
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Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on OTC Medicines Consumers
Author: Vasja Roblek and Andrej Bertoncelj
Abstract(273KB) Article(292KB)
Page 26 - 40
Ethical Responsibility of Neuromarketing Companies in Harnessing the Market Research – a Global Exploratory Approach
Author: Nicolae Al. Pop, Dan-Cristian Dabija, Ana Maria Iorga
Abstract(270KB) Article(300KB)
Page 41 - 57
Practices Regarding the Forms of Communication with the Consumers used by a Multinational Company at Global and Local Level
Author: Mădălina Dumitru, Nadia Albu, Valentin Florentin Dumitru and Cătălin Nicolae Albu
Abstract(284KB) Article(295KB)
Page 58 - 72
The Effects of Faulty or Potentially Harmful Products on Brand Reputation and Social Responsibility of Business
Author: Claudiu-Cătălin Munteanu, Dorian-Laurenţiu Florea and Andreea Pagalea
Abstract(279KB) Article(374KB)
Page 73 - 87
The Social Responsibility of Retailers through the Eyes of Students of a Commerce Faculty – a Qualitative Approach
Author: Gabriela Ţigu, Claudia-Elena Ţuclea, Diana-Maria Vrânceanu and Dragoş-Constantin Vasile
Abstract(284KB) Article(291KB)
Page 88 - 107
Level of Satisfaction of Educational Services Consumers. Impact and Consequences for the Responsibility of an Economics Faculty
Author: Gheorghe Săvoiu, Consuela Necşulescu, Marian Ţaicu, Luminiţa Şerbănescu and Emil Crişan
Abstract(300KB) Article(392KB)
Page 108 - 122
The Responsibility of Telemedicine Focused Organizations in regards to creating Compliant end Users Products and Services
Author: Adrian Dumitru Tanţău, Cristian Vizitiu and Vlad Văleanu
Abstract(284KB) Article(393KB)
Page 123 - 137
Social Corporate Responsibility regarding Household Consumer Satisfaction with the Electric Power Supply Services
Author: Maria-Ana Georgescu and Emilia Herman
Abstract(195KB) Article(753KB)
Page 138 - 153
Survey on the Viewpoints of Credit Beneficiaries Qua Consumers in Order to increase Banking Accountability
Author: Dragoş Ilie and Laura Ungureanu
Abstract(305KB) Article(323KB)
Page 154 - 170
Responsibilities and Limits of Local Government Actions against Users of Public Services of Planning and Sustainable Territorial Development in Romania
Author: Bogdan Suditu. Mariana Nae, Silviu Neguţ and Aurel Gheorghilaş
Abstract(307KB) Article(4027KB)
Page 171 - 186
Responsibility to Customers in the Context of Public Value Management – a German Case Study
Author: Markus Bodemann and Marieta Olaru
Abstract(287KB) Article(277KB)
Page 187 - 200
Econometric Approach of the Scenarios regarding the Impact of the Consumer’s Empowerment and Companies’ Responsibility for Environment Sustainability on the Electricity Market Performance
Author: Camelia I. Lungu, Cornelia Dascălu, Chiraţa Caraini and Erica C. Balea
Abstract(286KB) Article(289KB)
Page 201 - 214
Stochastic Dynamic Model on the Consumption – Saving Decision for Adjusting Products and Services Supply According with Consumers` Attainability
Author: Gabriela Prelipcean and Mircea Boscoianu
Abstract(284KB) Article(269KB)
Page 215 - 227
Producer`s Responsibility Concerning the Assurance and Statement of Quality for Foods with “Organic Image” based on the Model of a Romanian Company
Author: Magdalena Bobe, Roxana Procopie, Rodica Pamfilie and Maria Alexandra Toma
Abstract(284KB) Article(1097KB)
Page 228 - 242
The System of the Geographical Indication – Important Component of the Politics of the Consumers` Protection in European Union
Author: Šárka Velčovská andTomáš Sadílek
Abstract(307KB) Article(336KB)
Page 243 - 257
The Sustainability of Fish Consumption in Romania: Customer Behaviour prior and after the Country`s Adherence to the EU
Author: Vlad Roşca and Raluca Ignat
Abstract(307KB) Article(616KB)
Page 258 - 272
The Responsibility of Organisations towards Customers. Case Study – Romanian Travel Agencies
Author: Olimpia State, Claudia Gabriela Baicu and Delia Popescu
Abstract(298KB) Article(295KB)
Page 273 - 288
Organizations` Responsibility in Maintaining the Security of Personal Data posted Online by Romanian Consumers: an Exploratory Analysis of Facebook and Linkedin
Author: Andreea Ionescu, Laurenţiu-Dan Anghel and Gheorghe Jinga
Abstract(285KB) Article(391KB)
Page 289 - 302
Modelling Users` Trust in Online Social Networks
Author: Iacob Cătoiu, Mihai Orzan, Octav-Ionuţ Macovei and Claudia Iconaru
Abstract(289KB) Article(314KB)
Page 303 - 317
Client Oriented Approach for Assisting Business Improvement Decision Making
Author: Diana Pitic and Lucian Pitic
Abstract(303KB) Article(2908KB)
Page 318 - 335
Increasing Responsibility to Customers through a Dynamic Quality Assurance System in Software Development
Author: Cătălin Afrăsinei-Zevoianu and Ramona Lacurezeanu
Abstract(303KB) Article(484KB)
Page 336 - 350
Ways to Reduce Consumer Complaints – the EU Perspective
Author: Cătălina Soriana Sitnikov and Claudiu George Bocean
Abstract(313KB) Article(317KB)
Page 351 - 366
Assessing the Impact of the National Cultural Framework on Responsible Corporate Behaviour towards Consumers: an Application of Geert Hofstede`s Cultural Model
Author: Cristina Gănescu, Andreea Gangone and Mihaela Asandei
Abstract(303KB) Article(359KB)
Page 367 - 367
Economic Interferences
Page 368 - 389
Constructing Official Poverty Lines for Countries in Transition – Beyond the Poverty Line (2000-2010)
Author: Marinko Škare and Romina Pržiklas Družeta
Abstract(293KB) Article(319KB)
Page 390 - 402
A Hybrid Forecasting Approach
Author: Emilian Dobrescu
Abstract(266KB) Article(251KB)
Page 403 - 414
The Impact of Growing Public Debt on Economic Growth in the European Union
Author: Jernej Mencinger, Aleksander Aristovnik and Miroslav Verbič
Abstract(493KB) Article(493KB)
Page 415 - 429
Relationships among Shopping Quality and Corporate Social Responsibility of Shopping Centers and Consumer Satisfaction: Case from Novi Sad (Serbia)
Author: Ivana Blešić, Aleksandra Dragin, Jelica Marković, Slobodan Čerović and Lukrecija Deri
Abstract(301KB) Article(274KB)
Page 430 - 430
Amfiteatru Economic recommends
Page 431 - 439
The Changing Business Landscape of Romania
Author: Ioan Plăiaş
Page 440 - 444
Logistics Clusters. Delivering Value and Driving Growth
Author: Zoltan Kato
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