Bucharest University of Economic Studies

Amfiteatru Economic
Faculty of Business and Tourism


Amfiteatru Economic Volume: 14, No. Special 6/2012

Journal no.Special 6

ISSN:  1582 - 9146

Editor: A.S.E.

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Page 574 - 574
Amfiteatru Economic Journal
Page 575 - 575
Editorial Board
Page 576 - 577
Page 578 - 579
Contribution of Services to Economic Development
Author: Laurentiu Tachiciu
Page 580 - 599
The Challenges of Service Provision and Economic Development in South Africa
Author: Cecile Gerwel Proches, Shamim Bodhanya and Stan Hardman
Abstract(353KB) Article(514KB)
Page 600 - 620
A Note on the Links Between Manufacturing, Goods and Services Exports
Author: Broussolle Damien
Abstract(313KB) Article(475KB)
Page 621 - 634
Econometric Estimations of the Services and Financial Sector Impact on Economic Growth Variations in Times of Crisis
Author: Cristian Dragos and Simona Laura Dragos
Abstract(337KB) Article(416KB)
Page 635 - 652
Productivity of Services: an Explorative Study in the Electrical and Chemical Engineering Sector
Author: Andreas Petz, Sönke Duckwitz and Christina Schmalz
Abstract(373KB) Article(692KB)
Page 653 - 664
Perception of Private and Public Medical Services In Romania
Author: Eva-Cristina Petrescu and Diana-Eugenia Ioncică
Abstract(45KB) Article(419KB)
Page 665 - 679
Corruption and bureaucracy in public services
Author: Luminiţa Ionescu, George Lăzăroiu and Gheorghe Iosif
Abstract(354KB) Article(590KB)
Page 680 - 697
New Link in Bioinformatics Services Value Chain: Position, Organization and Business Model
Author: Mladen Čudanov, Gheorghe Săvoiu and Ondrej Jaško
Abstract(283KB) Article(480KB)
Page 698 - 719
Internet of Things in Service Innovation
Author: Xiangxuan Xu
Abstract(269KB) Article(900KB)
Page 720 - 737
Strategic Directions for the Bucharest Strategy and City Brand
Author: Ana-Claudia Ţapardel and Florin-Alexandru Alexe
Abstract(316KB) Article(833KB)
Page 738 - 754
The Effective Management of Municipal Real Property. The Question of Services for the Business Use of Real Property
Author: Daniela Luminiţa Constantin, Mariana Drăguşin, Raluca Mariana Petrescu and Alina Elena Iosif
Abstract(337KB) Article(713KB)
Page 755 - 773
Innovation in the Management of SMEs in the Service Sector in Poland
Author: Robert Nowacki and Marcin W. Staniewski
Abstract(308KB) Article(585KB)
Page 774 - 785
Promotion of Social Entrepreneurship Through Public Services in the Madrid Region: Succesful Aspects
Author: M. Teresa Fernández Fernández, Ana Fernández-Ardavín Martínez and David Berenguer Herrero
Abstract(320KB) Article(551KB)
Page 786 - 801
Insights into the Development of the Market of Mobile Marketing Services in Romania
Author: Carmen Balan and Mirela-Patricia Zegreanu
Abstract(270KB) Article(469KB)
Page 802 - 0
Researching the Mass Media Role in Promoting and Selling Tourists` Packages in Romania
Author: Andreea Marin Pantelescu and Maria Ioncica
Abstract(352KB) Article(529KB)
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